Amy, Dental Hygienist

I was born and raised in Kitsap County along with my four younger brothers. We are a very large and close knit family that enjoys spending time together. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for twenty-two years, and we have one twenty-year-old daughter. My husband and I have spent countless hours landscaping and completing many projects at our house over the years. We also try to camp, boat, or go ATV riding as frequently as possible. Our favorite place to ride our ATVs is Florence, Oregon, where we take an annual vacation. I also have two extra-large dogs that I love to pieces — Wiley, my Rottweiler, and Rigsby, my English Mastiff.

I love my job. Sometimes, the first step of going to the dentist is the hardest for people. That first step is difficult for various reasons. I believe that if a patient puts forth that effort in coming to us for care, my job is to help them take the next step in achieving optimal oral health. I aim to provide a thorough and comfortable dental hygiene experience for our patients. We serve a large, ever-changing, ever-growing community. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know our patients and their families. I have formed many friendships over the eight years I have worked with Dr. Olsson, and I look forward to meeting and helping new patients in the years to come.


Kristina, dental HYGIENIST

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in Port Orchard, and moved to Gig Harbor on the Key Peninsula, and I absolutely love it here. I consider myself a bit of a country girl. My husband and I own horses, and I am part of the American Made Rodeo Drill Team. This community is perfect for raising our young son and exactly where I want to raise my family!

From as early as I can remember, I wanted to be in the dental industry. I am fascinated by oral heath and helping people achieve beautiful smiles. I began my career as a dental assistant in 2006, and graduated from Eastern Washington University with my BA in Dental Hygiene in 2009.  I am thrilled to be able to work in the community that I love!

I have been with Key Center Family Dentistry since 2011, and really enjoy the atmosphere in the office. Patient relationship is so important to the entire staff. Our goal is to have a special bond with each and every patient. I make every effort to get to know each of my patients personally in order to build trust and form friendships.


Jackie, Dental assistant

I was born and raised on the Peninsula, so I have been a part of this community my entire life. Between living and working here, I have come to know and love this area and the people in it. A few of my passions are traveling, baking, getting outdoors, and being active. Camping, boating, hiking, and zip lining are a few of my favorites!

The dental field sort of chose me. I received a flyer in the mail, advertising dental assisting from Eton Technical School, and I thought it would be worth looking into. I started on a whim the very next week and am so glad I did!

I began working for Dr. Olsson in 2004, as an intern, in order to complete my school program, and he kept me on. My job is great because there is so much variety. No patient or case is ever the same. The work is very engaging and rewarding. It has been really fun to work in the community I know so well. 


Brandi, Dental Assistant

I have lived in beautiful Kitsap County for twenty-four years. When I am not at work, I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my wonderful husband and our two handsome sons.

I started in the dental field about thirteen years ago. I began as a sterilization tech, and as I progressed in my job, I had the opportunity to perform some dental assistant duties. The more I took on, the more it fascinated me, so I decided to go to dental assisting school to further my career. 

I have been with Dr. Olsson since March, 2015, and I am loving it. I truly enjoy being able to interact with each patient. The team I have the privilege to work with has taught me so much, and I really admire my co-workers. Our patients are very well cared for because we all love the work we do!


Tara, Patient Coordinator

I am a Pacific Northwest girl. I grew up in Woodinville and have lived on the Kitsap Peninsula for the last nine years. I love how this community is so close knit. I am a country girl by heart and enjoy the beauty of the trees and water that surround me here. I spend most of my time with my love and my two beautiful daughters. We are a very close family and enjoy multiple equine activities such as trail ridding, rodeo, and camping.

I began working in the dental industry in 2009, as a dental assistant. I recently made the switch to the front office when I joined Dr. Olsson's team. I am enjoying the change of pace and the ability to remain in the same industry. I love working with people and have really enjoy how busy I stay. Key Center Family Dentistry is a great place to work with a caring environment. What I like most about my job is working with so many people each day. I get to build relationships with each patient and staff member. This is a fun, family oriented office!


Sharon, Dental Assistant

I have lived on the Kitsap Peninsula for about 30 years. I enjoy horseback riding on our beautiful mountain trails with my family and friends. I started working in the dental field in 1991. While working as a sterilization technician, I moved into the field of pediatric dental assisting for 5 years. I went through some life changes, but my heart was always with dentistry. I went to school in 2004 to be trained as an assistant in general dentistry. Through the wonderful support of a dentist who was also my boss and perseverance, I advanced my career by becoming a certified dental assistant. A few years later I became a certified restorative functions dental assistant.

My ultimate goal of becoming an expanded functions dental assistant happened in 2016. This license allows me to help the doctor by performing fillings and final impressions, therefore making for less chair time for the patient. I always enjoy a learning environment and giving encouragement to other dental
assistants to become the best that they can be.