Comprehensive Exams for Adults and children

Your first appointment with us will include digital radiographs instead of old-fashioned x-rays (almost eliminating radiation exposure), an oral cancer screening, a thorough evaluation for TMJ disorders, periodontal diseases, sleep disorders, and other dental diseases. Dr. Cozby will spend time explaining your dental health and goals and will not rush you through the visit. He will provide sensible solutions to create a beautiful smile. Our hygienists are the best in dentistry and will give you the most gentle and complete cleaning you have ever experienced.

Prevention of Cavities and Periodontal Problems

Our goal is to first restore you to optimal health and then prevent any further diseases. Our treatments for cavity prevention include transparent, great tasting flouride varnishes, recalcification techniques, nutritional counseling, and product recommendations. Our periodontal treatments and maintenance are both thorough and gentle.


Dr. Cozby and Dr. Olsson are leaders among the minimally-invasive dental treatment specialists. Tooth restorations will be with the most current, scientifically-tested, tooth-colored materials. We use cool, comfortable LED lights to quick-cure and bond your restorations. 

Cosmetic Dental solutions

We will be happy to provide you with the most beautiful cosmetic restorations available. Tooth whitening is a simple and easy technique to restore your bright smile. We use all ceramic crowns and veneers, and our tooth replacements are coordinated with all current dental techniques available, including implant restorations, bridges, and removable dentures.

COMfortable care

We have the most caring and service-oriented assistants and hygienists in dentistry. We offer oral sedation or nitrous oxide inhalation sedation on request.  We provide on-time appointments and a doctor who does not rush through your office visit. Dr. Cozby will explain his treatment plan thoroughly and allow you the time necessary to understand and be comfortable with the recommended treatment.

Other Treatments availaBLE 

Dr. Cozby and Dr. Olsson provide all phases of dentistry to his patients. They manage and treat TMJ disorders and provide implant services. They are proficient at performing a high percentage of root canals at a great cost savings to patients. You can be confident in their knowledge of when a referral is necessary..

We understand your financial concerns and will coordinate your care to fit your budget. We accept most insurance plans including DSHS and Apple care for children and the disabled in our community.